I live on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, USA, between the rivers and the sea with a backdrop of the Olympic Mountains.  We are in what is called the “Banana Belt,” because the great majority of rain – literally 12-14 feet of it – falls on the Olympic Mountains, but only 17 inches or so falls here in Sequim, only 75 miles away.  The Olympics are incredible:  a wonderland of moss, ferns, Sitka spruce, and snow-capped peaks that are some of the most spectacular on the planet; some of the steepest, fastest flowing rivers found anywhere plummet down its slopes to the sea. The region is home to whales, salmon, eagles, elk, and bear.  For thousands of years, several First Nation tribes have also called this area their home. Indeed, the place is sacred.

We are living on the edge, near the most northwesterly point of the contiguous United States.  Saltwater laps our shorelines to the north in the Strait of Juan de Fuca and to the west in the great Pacific.  My family and friends do a lot of hiking, kayaking, and surfing.  I will share some photos on these pages!


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